African mud cloth tablerunner.
Adorned with boullion fringe

Size : 63"x21"

Mudcloth Tablerunner | 64x20

  • Bogolan or Bògòlanfini is a Malian handmade artisan cloth made from organic handspun and handwoven cotton that is dyed using plant matter and fermented mud. Mud cloth, as it is more commonly called, was traditionally used as a healing cloth. Because of the various plants and herbs used in the dyeing process, bogolan has been said to have homeopathic benefits. Bogolan is now used throughout the world in art, fashion, and decor. Bògòlanfini loosely translates to “mud with cloth”

    Bogolan originated in Mali, West Africa. Several ethnic groups are associated with the production of mud cloth. The Bambara people are most well known for their bogolan, as their version has become the most popular globally.

    Learn more about Bògòlanfini at our creative blog.

  • Mudcloth is a hand-dyed textile, so it will fade with washes. To preserve your cloth handwash or spot clean using chemical free soap and COLD water.

    Submerge your mud cloth in cold water for 5 minutes.

    Remove Mud cloth and GENTLY ring out excess water.

    Hang dry or lay flat. Iron on back of fabric, on (low) cotton setting if needed.

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