One of the things we love most about African textiles are their unique, one-of-a-kind prints. Bògòlanfini tells a story with each strip of fabric, and the beauty of this listing is that you will be surprised by what you find! The cloth is the perfect textile for all creatives from jewelry-makers to interior designers. Use your peice as a throw or tapestry!


These mudcloth pieces, which are made in Mali are "Lapa" size.


Approx. 38" - 45" wide x 63" - 68" long. Sizes may vary as these are hand made.


To learn more about African mud cloth, please visit our blog: Bògòlanfini: Making & Defining Mudcloth 



Traditional African mudcloth sheets are handwoven and made one at a time. No two pieces of mud cloth are exactly alike, so the colors shown are available, but the exact patterns vary from one piece to the next. They're great for clothing, home decoration, crafts and other creative pursuits. African artisans hand-dye symbols into these fabrics in order to tell stories of their villages and African proverbs. Mudcloth has a long tradition of being used by West African warriors and hunters to camouflage themselves. Nowadays, people across the globe are wearing them to stand out and celebrate their connection to the African continent. 


Black & White Mudcloth | African Bògòlanfini Bambara

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