The Black Love Box has returned! Enjoy beautifully selected beauty and fashion accessories, carefully curated to celebrate One Black Love.


What's in the box?


Experience a unique collection of handmade products with Queen & King box options valuing over $200.


Monthly Box Themes:


  • December focuses on Kwanzaa and unique gift options. The December box includes: a classic hand-painted adinkra wallet, African print facemask, beauty & skin care samples, handmade jewelry, stickers, and more!
  • January will celebrate new beginnings and rebirth, with useful stationary and products.
  • February is our favorite month, celebrating Black History & Black Love with bold, vibrant, and essential products promoting self-love.


>>> Items in your box will be similar to what is photographed, with some variation in styles, colors, and designs.<<<


Shipping: All 1st boxes ordered before December 3rd will be shipped via USPS between December 4th and 11th.


3-Month Subscription

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