Youth Learning: How is Adinkra Cloth Made?

Adinkra cloth is not only beautiful, it is handmade using a long and complex process. Learn about how adinkra cloth is made through your own independent research. Use the questions to help you navigate through the suggested sites. Be sure to share your findings in the comment section.

The following video includes captures a moment of a trip to Ghana where visitors had the opportunity to make their own adinkra cloth. The women in the video also describes some of the popular adinkra symbols.

Courtesy of Ghana Repatriation & Investment Tour:

Suggested Sites:

Adinkra in Ntonso-Ashanti, Ghana

Adinkra Fabric Printing from Ghana

Extra Activities:

Make your own Adinkra cloth

Comment on This:

  1. What tools are used to print adinkra cloth? How are these tools made?

  2. Reflect on the printing process. What are some of the skills the printers must have in order to complete their work? What techniques are the most crucial during the process?

  3. What is the meaning of Sankofa, and why is it an important symbol?

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