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Home Decor | Fashion Accessories

Kirtam Designs

Kirtam Designs is our mother company. Established is the early 1990s as an African design company, it has transformed over the years to provide high-end home decor, fashion accessories, and more.

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Books | Publishing

TumTum Publishing

"Literature from an African Perspective"

TumTum Publishing is a book publishing and consulting company that publishes literature that is intrinsic to the African Diaspora. 

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Hand-painting | Research

Tribal Immunity

Tribal Immunity was founded by the daughter of Kirtam Design's owners. The brand has been widely known for cultural storytelling trough its hand-painted and block-printed creations. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, displaying traditional African symbology.

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Clothing | Prints

Culcha Shop

The Culcha Shop was designed to be a one-stop shop for products made by a family collective of artisans. We also provide design services to other small businesses and creatives who want to grow their businesses. Some of our printed designs are fulfilled by print-on-demand companies in the U.S. and drop-shipped to your doorstep.

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Health & Wellness | Education

My Moringa

My Moringa is an educational resources, educating people on the importance of the moringa plant. They provide an educational blog, videos, and plant-based products using the moringa plant. 

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Home Decor

African Closet

"Home decor from an African Perspective."

A collection of artisan-made home decor and fair trade products.